A Metanoia

A fundamental change in one’s beliefs; rebirth; regeneration

What is Metanoia? March 24, 2009

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Metanoia is a fundamental change in your beliefs, repentance, rebirth, changing your mind, a spiritual conversion, or an awakening.

The church needs a Godly metanoia– awakening and repentance caused by a people opening their hearts and allowing God to reveal truth.  Lies and half truths continually find their way into theology, and only the Light of the World could illuminate these falsehoods.

We need to re-examine what we know, what we do, and how we do it–let Jesus give us new ideas, correct our mistakes, and show us a better way.  To think that we are doing a good job is to deceive ourselves into thinking that we don’t have to improve what is already there.  Through God’s grace, we can always do better; through His vision, we can always make improvements.

We need to go beyond learning from our mistakes to learning from everything we do, both good and bad.

Metanoia is a chance for us to allow God to reveal new ways of understanding the truths we know and correct the lies we believe.  Metanoia is a place for thinking about and examining what we believe and why we do what we do.  Metanoia is the discussion of both new and old ideas.  It is a place to challenge and be challenged.


One Response to “What is Metanoia?”

  1. Pst.Austine Daniel Says:

    Thanks for the insight.Absolutely,we need a change of mindset and belief system.Insanity is defined as doing thesame thing thesame way and expect a different results.We must change in our approach towards God.We need an authentic metanoia.

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